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EBOLA Information from the National Institute of Health

 The 2014-2015 Student Handbook states student responsibilities include:

1. RCC Students will be required to wear identification badges at all times while on school grounds.
2. Learning and complying with all policies, rules, regulations, and standards of RCC related to student conduct and College activities.
3. Respecting the rights and freedoms of others.
4. Maintaining personal and academic integrity, thus contributing to the integrity of the College community.
5. Using RCC facilities and property in ways that are not damaging to the facilities and property.
6. Exhibiting behavior that is consistent with generally accepted standards of conduct (Student Handbook, 2014, p. 107-108).

The library supports these policies by requiring all students to have their student ID while using the library facility. Please be prepared to show your ID if requested or have your ID visible upon entrance to the library. The library strives to maintain an atmosphere of research and study therefore we ask that you turn your phone volume to buzz and wear headphones if you are listening to music while you are studying. Be mindful that some headphones do not restrict sound leaks so please keep the volume lower than you normally may have it in other public areas. Thank you.


Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Due Process. (2014). In 2014 - 2015
Student Handbook (pp. 107-108). Hamlet: Richmond Community College. 



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